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Wide range of CFD financial products including stock indexes, commodities, precious metals and foreign exchange contracts

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MT5 an advanced and award-winning trading platform

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All transactions involve risks and may cause you to lose all principal.

What is the cost of foreign exchange transaction?

Foreign Exchange ATG spread Direct foreign exchange access (DMA)
Minimum spread Average spread Average spread
EUR/USD 2 13 3
AUD/USD 4 17 6
USD/JPY 4 16 5
Euro/NZD 28 37 33
EUR/GBP 6 27 9
GBP/USD 3 26 4
EUR/JPY 8 28 10
USD/Swiss Franc 5 20 7

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Foreign exchange trading

A popular foreign exchange trading platform - MetaTrader 5

What is Foreign exchange trading?

What is Foreign exchange trading?

Forex trading, also known as "FOREX" or "FX", is a form of foreign exchange trading in which one foreign currency is exchanged for another foreign currency, that is, buy one currency in one currency combination and sell in another currency.

What is the foreign exchange market?

What is the foreign exchange market?

It is the world's largest financial market open from 5 pm EST on Sunday, to 5 pm EST on Friday. Daily trading starts with major markets such as Sydney, Tokyo, London and New York, and forex traders can react to market volatility at any time.

What are the advantages of foreign exchange trading?

What are the advantages of foreign exchange trading?

Flexible leverage, two-way trading ,High liquidity 24 hours a day, Low commission for foreign exchange trading, quality and speed of transactions .The foreign exchange market is the only market with all these advantages.

What is the risk of foreign exchange trading?

What is the risk of foreign exchange trading?

Foreign exchange risk includes risks such as leverage, market, credit, law and emergencies. The risk of leveraged trading is: 1. amplify the investor's trading quota and multiply the investment income; 2. therefore, simultaneously amplifies the loss.

How to reduce the risk of foreign exchange trading?

How to reduce the risk of foreign exchange trading?

First, fully understand the market. Take advantage of ATG WORLD's e-learning materials and one-to-one customer service. Second, insist on setting up stop loss/stop-win orders to control risks. Third, control the investment amount of each transaction .


Forex (FX) is the world's largest financial market. In short, an individual or business converts one currency into another.

The value of daily foreign exchange transactions is trillions of dollars. Unlike stocks and commodities, there is no central exchange for foreign exchange trading. Instead, currencies are traded through a range of global networks, including banks, dealers and brokers. This means you can trade at any time from Monday to Friday, day or night.

Foreign exchange prices are affected by different factors, including interest rates, inflation rates, government policies, employment data, import and export demand ect.

Due to the large number of foreign exchange transactions, the huge volume of transactions and rapid price changes, the foreign exchange market is the world's largest and most volatile financial trading market.

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