Metals trading

Investing in spot precious metals can bring you benefits Diversify your investment risk to
balance and stabilize your asset allocation. Precious metals are value-for-money and are ideal
for resistance to inflation. Both gold and silver are seen as a safe haven for investment.

Types of Symbol Product Contract size Point value Leverage Stop lost Minimum lot size Max lots
Spot Metal
XAGUSD gold 100 ounces 10 USD 100 20 0.01 100
XAUUSD silver 5000 ounces 50 USD 100 20 0.01 100

Advantages of precious metals trading


Online trading commission charged is low


24-hour online trading


Leverage up to 1:100


24-hour global trading market volatility creates many trading opportunities

Two-way trading, can be long or short

Two-way trading can be long or short. Support multi-currency pricing, such as US dollars,Australian dollars, British pounds and Euros

Related news

Market news is highly transparent, affected by macro international factors and relevant news and economic data are released in real time.

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All transactions involve risks and may cause you to lose all principal.

Portfolio diversification

The benefits of precious metals in the portfolio

Empirical studies have shown that if 10-25% of the portfolio is allocated to precious metals investments, the risk/reward ratio of the portfolio will improve. As a virtually indestructible and no-attachment precious metal investment that preserves wealth, it has become the most reliable asset hedging method of the past and the present.


Buying and selling of gold never loses its value. ATG WORLD trading platform can be used for gold investment as only a 1% margin is required. No commission, fixed spreads greatly reduce the transaction costs of gold investors.


Silver, also known as London Silver, is a leveraged investment product that can be bought and sold 24 hours a day. The price is affected by supply and demand. In recent years, silver has been in short supply, making the fundamentals of silver stronger and the price fluctuating more than other metals.


Palladium is one of the rarest precious metals, with an annual total output of less than 8% of gold. It is resistant to high temperatures, corrosion, abrasion and extreme stretch. Palladium is compatible with Gold in purity and rarity. Hence making it the ideal material, whether it is used in making a jewelry set or with precious stones.


Platinum is a rarer white metal than gold, which is used in both jewelry and industry. Platinum relies highly on both industrial demand and mining processes. Platinum production is mainly concentrated in two countries, so platinum is significantly more volatile than any other metal market.