Trading a wide range of CFD commodities include various indices, bonds, futures, precious metals, foreign exchange or interest rates.

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Contract for Difference (CFD) is a derivative financial product. Investors can trade a variety of financial products, but do not need to actually hold the subject matter or securities of the investment goods, such as various stocks, Stock index, bonds, futures, precious metals, foreign exchange or interest rates. A CFD is a transaction in which a trader and a CFD provider settle the cash in a way based on the trade opening price and the settlement price difference through a margin method. CFD commodities are usually financial products that retail investors cannot invest in, allowing retail investors to trade in a variety of stocks, stock indices and futures. CFD trading is a flexible trading tool without the need to pay any commission, transaction fees, and settlement fees or stamp duty.

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Input Margin Trading Stock Index CFD Contract

CFD trading allows you to get a price volatility advantage for a full position with a small amount of money. Keep in mind that leveraged trading is more risky than normal trading.

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Multiple trade orders can be executed in multiple liquidity locations, including brokers, market makers, exchanges, and MTF trading venues.

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All transactions involve risks and may cause you to lose all principal.

CFD features


The investor trade with the trading broker at the current agreed trading price and settlement price of the commodity based on the forecast of the future price movement of the trading target. Since CFD trading is settled in cash based on the bid-ask spread, there is no time limit for CFDs. CFDs are the same as foreign exchange contracts. They are all margin trading, and they can leverage the leverage effect to obtain the difference profit from the fluctuation of commodity prices through long or short trading strategies. Investors only need to pay a small amount of initial margin to amplify the transaction amount and improve the profit performance.

Hedging Tool

Hedging Tool

CFDs can be traded using a short-selling strategy when the market declines, allowing investors to view this as a hedging tool for holding a marketable security with an entity.

Margin Trading

Margin Trading

That is leveraged trading. Using the principle of financial leverage, investor can capitalize the operation of multiples. Traders deposit Margin use leverage to maximize funds, effectively use fewer funds and hold larger positions in the trading market and amplify potential gains.

Buy And Sell

Buy And Sell

CFD trading does not involve the holding of physical financial products and there is no time limit. Therefore, investors can sell contracts first, regardless of whether the market is rising or falling, investors can simultaneously trade long or short trading strategies and enjoy the flexibility of trading.

What is stock trading?

Stocks are one of the most popular and well-known financial instruments. When you buy a stock, you actually buy a part of the company’s ownership - " A partial ownership." So if you're thinking about trading stocks, it's important to study the situation of the company and its industry.。

Another benefit of buying and selling stocks is getting dividends. Dividends represent the company's profits corresponding to the share of the company you hold, and are usually paid twice a year. The amount you receive depends on how much the company manages to determine how much profit is distributed to the shareholders, and how much is invested in the business.

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