METATRADER 5 Mobile Trading

Transact globally anytime, anywhere with your Smartphone or tablet

Download the free MetaTrader 5 app on your iPhone, iPad or Android
device and trade Forex, Stocks, Futures and CFDs anytime, anywhere. Everything you need, to achieve a successful deal is now in your hands!
Now with the mobile version of the popular trading platform, you can execute trading operations directly, send pending orders and set a protective stop loss. MetaTrader 5 Mobile also supports one-click trading, which allows you to send trade orders directly from the price chart or market depth window. The application provides professional technical analysis of forex and exchange quotes through 30 built-in indicators and 24 analysis objects. MetaTrader 5 iPhone, iPad or Android mobile app keeps your trading account with you all the time!

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If you can't access Google Play, please download

MetaTrader 5 APK (for Android 4.0 and above)

The MetaTrader 5 is a powerful trading platform for foreign exchange, futures and CFDs .

Successful trading in a variety of different financial markets and provides advanced technical support.

MetaTrader 5 iPhone and iPad version

Millions of Apple device users have downloaded the MetaTrader 5 mobile terminal for free, and they are ready to trade Forex, stocks and other securities. Join them now! The app allows you to connect to a dealer server, obtain stock prices and forex quotes, and analyze financial markets and transactions by using charts and technical indicators. Don't forget that you can also view your trading action history. All of these unexpected features are available 24 hours a day, around the world!

All transactions involve risks and may cause you to lose all principal.


Trading foreign exchange and stocks around the world

Thirty technical indicators and twenty-four analysis object involved in market analysis tools

The Full-featured trading system and market depth as well as all types of trade execution

Both unilateral positions and locked positions are supported

All trading orders are supported, for example pending orders and stop loss orders

3 chart types and 9 time periods

Built-in chats, financial news, alerts and push notifications

IPad extension

Powerful trading system


The MetaTrader 5 trading system features advanced market depth features (quote charts, closing times and volume information), provides independent order and trading accounts, and supports all types of trading orders and execution modes.  Traders can use the unilateral trading mode to execute the exchange type and use the lock mode to engage in foreign exchange trading. With one-click trading and market depth options, users can buy and sell foreign exchange, stocks, futures and CFDs at the touch of a button. Setting a Stop Loss and Take Profit level can help protect your profits and minimize losses.
With the MetaTrader 5 trading system, you can respond to any situation in the market!