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The world's leading online trading brokerage company

Providing cutting-edge forex trading technology to global traders, providing over 90 financial products across global financial markets. Connect your transactions to the world's largest top banks and liquidity providers who deliver unparalleled top-level liquidity, institutional-grade spreads and tightly regulated financial security. We continue to invest in trading hardware and technology, we work harder to do our best to deliver on our promises: to provide reliable, fast trade execution to our valued customers, competitive prices and superior customer service. more...


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Currency exchange more >>

Foreign exchange, also known as “FOREX” or “FX”, is a way of trading a foreign currency into another foreign currency that is, buying one currency of, one currency combination and selling in another currency.


CFD more >>

CFD (CFD) is a derivative financial product. Investors can trade a variety of financial products, but do not need to actually hold the subject matter or valuable securities of the investment goods.


Energy futures more >>

Crude oil is a naturally occurring petroleum product used in energy production and manufacturing. Used to produce the daily diesel, gasoline, fuel oil, jet fuel, plastics, cosmetics, and fertilizers.

Precious metal more >>

With the intensification of inflation threats, the turmoil in the global economic situation and the outbreak of the world financial crisis, the demand for precious metals investment with hedging and hedging functions has shown an explosive growth trend.


Commodity futures more >>

Commodity futures is a standard contract for the physical commodity futures contract, where the buyer and the seller purchase or sell a certain quantity of physical goods at a price agreed upon at the time of signing.


Stock Futures more >>

Stock CFD is a simple and convenient way to invest in a two-way stock market that reflects market prices and allows investors to trade with leverage.

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Simulated Internship Trading

Our free demo trading account allows you to use the MT5 platform and quotes for a 30-day trading practice without risk in a real trading environment.
As long as you have an email account, you can create a demo account in a few minutes; click the right button to download.

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All transactions involve risks and may cause you to lose all principal.

ATG WORLD offers traders the award-winning MetaTrader 5 trading platform. It is one of the most popular trading platforms in the world due to its simplicity, ease of operation and automated trading, which has earned the reliance on global investment. The free trading account provided by ATG WORLD allows you to connect to the deep liquidity pool of the world's top banks on the MT5 platform in a real trading environment, and conduct 30-day trading exercises without risk.

The advantages of ATG WORLD

With a strong capital strength, professional management team and a perfect risk management system, we are committed to providing

customers with stable, efficient safe and excellent customer service and timely payment service system

  • World trading experience
  • Top liquid bank
  • Supervision and safety
  • Powerful service support

ATG trading platform

  • Servers in NY4 & LD5 IBX data centers
  • Trading accounts in multi-currency
  • Independent audit of bank accounts
  • Multilingual support team
  • Multiple funding methods
  • Supervised broker
    As one of the most popular brokerage firms ATG world offers forex and CFD trading at the institutional, private and retail levels, covering a wide range of monetary and financial asset classes; and is proud to provide you with the next generation of MT5 platform.
    Equinix's LD4 data center uses the best financial technology. High-speed trading execution and ultra-tight pricing provides you with a professional-grade trading environment. Direct access to deep liquidity pools from 20 banks and highly competitive .
    The Seychelles Financial Services Authority (SeyFSA) issues full licenses, multi-regional chartered financial services and national-level exchanges. Provides security beyond industry standards, independent trust accounts, daily audit and reconciliations.
    The 24-hour operations team provides professional technical support and customer service for more than 90 trading products on MT5 platform. Perfect online management system, easy daily supervision & business development, rich commission returns.
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